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05/06/2020 to 05/20/2020 22:00 (10 PM) PST

Fortress Frenzy (GW Null Jeanne)
05/13/2020 to 05/20/2020 22:00 (10 PM) PST
Expedition Ishtaria! (Upier)

(after 05/20/2020 maintenance)
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Expedition Packs

Expedition Packs (Berthold)
  • 11 Unit Set Crowns Ishtarian Crowns ×5000 + New Unit Ticket x2 + Sali Sacks x2000 + Guaranteed or Higher 7★ New Unit
  • 11 Unit Set Crowns Ishtarian Crowns ×3000 + New Unit Ticket x1 + Sali Sacks x1000
  • 1 Unit Set Crowns Ishtarian Crowns ×300 + Sali Sacks x100
  • 3 New Unit Tickets = A Guaranteed New 7★ Unit or Above

True Hero Packs

True Hero Packs (Nims)
  • 12 Unit Set Crowns Ishtarian Crowns ×3000 + New Unit Ticket x1
    • Every 3rd Pull: An Extra New Unit Ticket
  • 1 Unit Set Crowns Ishtarian Crowns ×300
  • 3 New Unit Tickets = A Guaranteed New 7★ Unit or Above

Premium Packs

Premium Packs

Fortress Frenzy

Fortress Frenzy (GW Null Jeanne)
  • Jeanne d'Arc (Golden Week Null Revival)
  • Build Two Decks (A and B)
  • Pick a Defense Spot, build a Defense Deck, set a trap on the selected Defense Spot
  • Attack the Enemy Defense Post and clear it fully (Until the waves run out)
  • Win by scoring more Siege Points (You get 100 per full clear of one base) or having Lower Takedown Turns when both teams have the same amount of Siege Points

Expedition Ishtaria!

Expedition Ishtaria! (Upier)

Missing Units

Content Ended:

  • Event(s):
    • An Ishtarian Story
    • Maze of Mysteries (March)
  • Packs:
    • Golden Week
    • Rising Moon
    • Artist
  • Exchange(s):
    • 7★ Ticket
  • Promos
    • -

New to the Platinum Exchange:

Newly Tradable Units:

Other Changes

New Feature

New Feature

  • Material Stones Feature added!
The Sin of Vainglory (With First Clear Ticket)

New Trials of the Ages addition

  • 'The Seven Deadly Sins - Vaingloria' has been added to the Trials of the Ages
  • Turn off/on Skill animation during Quests
  • A feature to sort and sell your units in the gift box
  • Quest Results Page improvement: 'Retry' and 'Next' buttons added.
  • Exchange Sort Feature: Sort by Newest or the Most Popular
  • Break Maxout Feature: break your units using S/M/L Spirit Gems at once
  • Gift Feature Improvement: claim up to 100 items at once
  • Evolving Maxout Feature: Evolve up to 5 Units at once
  • Skill Upgrades:
  • Reborn Tickets added: Exchange 6 for a Revival P7★ of your choice
  • 7★ Francois, Phantasmic Chef, 7★ Claire, Dozing Under the Trees and 7★ Yako, Hina Doll Fox can now be Ascended (Evolved Up To +4)
  • New Skill Type: ALL ATKS. It is an Active Skill that has a chance to proc from MULTI, RUSH, MULTI & RUSH and SUPPORT attacks.
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