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08/14/2019 to 08/21/2019 22:00 (10PM) PST
Expedition Ishtaria!

(after 08/21/2019 maintenance)
Kiyohime's Torrid Tales, Part 2

News Notice
Sprite Salix Happy

Expedition Packs

Expedition Packs

Spotlight Packs

Spotlight Packs
  • 11 Units Set Crowns Ishtarian Crowns ×3000 + Spotlight Slip x1 + Scroll III x1
  • Bonus items upon pulling:
    • 2nd and 4th Pull: Platinum Medal x1
    • 5th Pull: Fire Crystal x1
  • 1 Unit Set Crowns Ishtarian Crowns ×300
  • 3 Spotlight Slips = A Guaranteed P7★ or Higher
  • 15 Spotlight Slips = Guaranteed 8★ Sadhbh, Fiery Fondness

Premium Packs

Premium Packs
  • 10 Units Set Crowns Ishtarian Crowns ×3000 + A Guaranteed 7★ or Higher!
  • 1 Unit Set Crowns Ishtarian Crowns ×300 or Premium Pack Ticket x1!

Expedition Ishtaria!

Expedition Ishtaria!

Content Ended

  • Event: Belly of the Beast X
  • Packs:
    Countdown Witch

New to the Platinum Exchange

Newly Tradeable Units

Other Changes

New Feature

New Feature

  • Material Stones Feature added!
  • Level Up Rewards added
  • Turn off/on Skill animation during Quests
  • A feature to sort and sell your units in the gift box
  • From now on, you will be sent to the Challenge Board page once you clear a Challenge.
    Meru or Salix will remind you of what the Challenge Board is
  • Skill Upgrades:
  • Reborn Tickets added: Exchange 6 for a Revival P7★ of your choice
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New Templates Poll

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