• KOTails

    As of late, we haven't gotten many people contributing the art, quotes, and details for newer pack units. It can get more difficult to get a hold of some of these units post-event, but there are also a few older unit pages missing images and info.

    If you happen to have a unit in your possession or albumed, or happen to know someone with them, please feel free to comment it on the unit's page or send it to me on LINE, @kotails.

    Here are links to where you can find pages that are missing one thing or another.

    Where to find all the links:

    Missing stats (mostly for older units, as with the revamped pack page it shows the maxed stats of each evo):…

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  • Pmkaiser

    Wiki contributions

    June 14, 2018 by Pmkaiser

    For about the past week, I have been working on contributing to the AOI Wikipedia. I have done work on the Church Of Salvation quest list, as there was no entry there. I still have a little work to do there, and I will be contributing more where I can.

    ~ Maruki

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  • Renwit355

    Tabber Fixed

    October 5, 2017 by Renwit355

    Hello, I believe the Tabber function is fixed. If you still having problems, try to bypass your cache, instructions found here:

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  • Renwit355

    Planned Changes

    April 1, 2017 by Renwit355

    I guess I should ask if anyone has a problem with the following ideas first, although I already have begun applying them.

    So I would like to changes some things in the unit pages, mostly just the order of information, in order to create a sort of standard, examples below:

    Make it so that Rush skills are always in the 1st skill slot on units with both a Rush and Multi skill. This would effectively make it so that there will never be a Rush Skill in the 2nd skill slot (one less thing on the filter list). I don't believe it matters in-game which skills are in which slot (for the most part), it's just a matter of preferences. Possible combinations below:
    1st Skill Slot --- 2nd Skill Slot
    Rush --- Multi
    Rush --- Support
    Multi --- Support
    Rush --- Pas…

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  • Unmei Suiheisen

    Out of those Platinum servants which is the most useful in most aspects like questing/UvU and more(or at least who are the top 3):

    Beatrice, Fenrir, Jormungand. Jeanne d'Arc, Aterui, Daphne or Tamamo (if there is someone better please notify me)

    i would really be grateful for any help THANKS!

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  • Unmei Suiheisen

    If i use skills for boosting like Fire Boost I/II/III and Fire Boost I/II/III from different Characters, are they stack or overwrite each other? if anyone can explain in much more depth it would be really appreciated Thanks! :)

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  • Unmei Suiheisen

    Is Tamamo will be available on the Platinum medal exchange after the event?

    and if ill save the 4 platinum medals we gain from the purchase event will i be able to wait if she will eventually be available for exhange or there is any expiration date for the medals?

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  • InterludeWings 52


    February 6, 2017 by InterludeWings 52

    Sometimes when im doing a quest, my cards glow blue. What does that mean?

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  • Renwit355

    Becoming an admin

    January 12, 2017 by Renwit355

    Hello, wikia.
    I would like to become an admin of the Age of Ishtaria Wikia.
    part of the process is to make a post and check if the community is ok with me being an admin.
    any comments?

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  • DaNavyBoy

    Military AOI Players

    October 5, 2016 by DaNavyBoy

    Good Evening ladies and gents,

    Its been a little over a year since i've started playing AOI. Its a great game and i've had great memories with my unions, but thoughout the time playing the game i've meet only a hand full of US servicemen/women. If you servied, or are currently serving comment on here (if you want to) and lets have a good old time talking about the good old USA. 

    PS: The Usernames misleading to my branch of service.. 

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  • TailRed

    My Year Of AoI.

    March 17, 2016 by TailRed

    Heya All, I'm Andrew, And I'm In The Union Rebirth, It's Led By A User With The Name XAC. I've Finally Reached One Entire Year Of AoI(Little More Than That Now). And In My Time In The Game, Loging In Every Single Day At ~8:00 Or Later, I've Had Some Pretty Good Times And Some Pretty Bad Ones. I Joined The Game Around The Beginning Of March Of 2015. The AP System Had Just Changed And I Mean That. It Was Litterally An Update Right After I Got The Game That It Changed. In The Start, I Had No Idea I Was Going To Have Such Good Units, I Thought I Would Have 5 Star Units For My Time In The Game, But As I Kept Playing, I Got Better And Better Units. I Transfered Out Of My Beginner's Union And Into A Casual Union (This Union I'm In Right Now, Rebirt…

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  • OMGpotatoes

    On A Year of Ishtaria

    December 22, 2015 by OMGpotatoes

    Today marks my one year anniversary of playing this game, and I'd like to comment on my experiences with it.

    When I started playing this game, I really played this game. I would spend hours each day doing quests or battles, although with the old AP system, I would really be waiting for a few AP points to regen so I could play one more quest. When the AP system changed, so did I. However, when Union PvP events started, I almost came back as a serious player. I logged in multiple times per day to take part in the PvP, however my union wasn't very active. I contemplated switching unions, but in the end, I just stopped playing union PvP all together.

    Now I'm a fairly casual player, only spending up to 30 minutes each day playing Ishtaria. Even aft…

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  • Svchristina

    Hi. Everyone i'm an user of Age of Ishtaria in Korea.  Recently our game masters have introduced an event for user. If u r okay, plz have attention to me:) It'll take ur time just a little.. This event is for advertising this game, 'Age of Ishtaria' In Korea, there's a little people who play the game. So we felt necessity to get an aid for other users. Could u give us a hand? If u r facebook users, plz click And just click liked button and share to ur friend Of course ur friends will ban ur message haha :) It's just a kidding:) Oh.... if u rn't facebook user....? Hmm....then How about joining facebook now? It'll just take 2 2 or 3 minutes.

    The More people click liked and share , The more of us will fe…

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  • Bloobloop

    So. Here I am again. I didn't expect for my last blog to get the attention it got. If you've been wondering where I've been (although I doubt that you have), I've been at home. Stuck. Without any wireless connection. It sucked. And because I don't have a phone, but rather an iPod Touch, no AoI or Devil Maker: Tokyo (yeah, that's replaced Chain Chronicle.) That sucked. I didn't have anything to do except play Sims 3 (which is fun until you get super stressed about your Sim), play chess on the computer (which I suck at), and read (but I'd already read all the books in my room). Unless you want to count sleeping. During the day I slept, at night I was awake. Which really screwed up my schedule. 

    So, I don't even know if I'm still a member of t…

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  • Bloobloop

    I'm almost 100% sure that nobody will notice this and nobody will read this. However, if there is a miracle and someone actually takes interest in me, then hi. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I absolutely love Markiplier and have been watching him since around 600k subs. I am an avid anime fan and love Denki-Gai! and Ao no Exorcist (Core Pride is

    The real question is, why not? I've been into TCG card games and first played AGG, or Ayakashi Ghost Guild about a year ago. I was a free player (and I still am) and had an amazing guild with cool people.Unfortunately, Zynga shut it down and I still don't really know why, but basically, there were no events, no daily gifts, no nothing. I went on a search for a better game and AoI had …

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  • Kimlasca warrior
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  • Fairingrey

    I feel I've seen it all, really.


    Let me start off by saying that I'm in a really weird mix of emotions. Flattered. Shocked. Annoyed. Even perhaps a bit saddened by what's happened due to this outbreak. A witch hunt. A flame war. Soliciting others. And you know what? I apologize. Part of this is my fault. Perhaps everything is. This is what this post is about today. Today, everything wraps up. This will be the last post I ever write for this wiki. The absolute final one. 最後のブログ.

    Last post perhaps I was a bit too inflammatory within the comments myself, but I'm just not perfect. I'm far from it. I see so many flaws within myself that I'm nowhere near what people make me out to be sometimes. People point fingers at me for "enabling" the wit…

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  • Fairingrey

    Another one of these!

    Hi reader. It's me, Fairingrey again. If you don't know who I am, feel free to click on my name in red up above and learn more about me through my profile.

    Chances are, this will be the last time you ever see me here, on the Age of Ishtaria wiki, or anywhere within this community. More below.

    I don't have anything, really, to say here. I originally had more plans for my next blog post that I really hoped people would enjoy reading but it's too far beyond help, beyond God's love, beyond anything that can help them out there, to save this game and Silicon Studio's poor management and creative directions for this game. So, let's jump straight into the fray.

    It's been a long time, really. Recently, I got my challenge reward fo…

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  • Fairingrey

    Mammon's grunt is so funny.

    Hey, reader. Welcome, again, to another one of these tiny update things. If you're just interested in the future content then just read the first two sections below and get the heck outta here to whatever important things you have to do, but if not, then feel free to stay with me and read a little more.

    There are a lot of applied changes now. As I mentioned in my previous blogposts, 7★ units are now available in packs and the medal exchange has been updated to reflect JP Ishtaria's medal exchange. The upcoming banner for Ariel's Bingo Challenge is also now available, so you can check that out if you have the free time to.

    And of course, Twilight Coliseum has already started going underway. However, not a lot of peo…

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  • Misdirected


    Apparently I'm a moron, and AP was 1/2 minutes, not 1/3 minutes. So, most of the math in this whole entire blog is invalidated, as far as I know, so I'm going to have to say that a large part of my point is invalid, though taking 1 AP[NEW] for 20 AP[OLD] does make it slightly more efficient, otherwise no.

    Yep. You read that right. Before you burn me at the stake, let me justify myself.

    Now, before AP was scaling, starting at an abysmal number, and gradually increasing in abysmal increments until you hit 100, and voilà, you magically had roughly 100 AP.

    Now, everybody's on an even playing field. In theory. In actuality, the new players got gimped a little harder than before, but not by much. It all comes down to perspective.  And boss mis…

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  • Fairingrey

    Most of these changes are now implemented... yep.

    Going to keep this short and just peruse over the new content that's coming out next week on the 19th, most likely.

    I mean, it's going to be this, pretty sure. Otherwise they're just hiding content from us. Maybe the 7 ★'s would think otherwise.

    Anyways, let's get started.

    Twilight Coliseum will be on the 19th.

    It's out now, so you can go visit Twilight Coliseum

    Most likely to be in the next update... or the 26th?

    Currently released 7★'s:

    • Israfil (released on the 4th in JP)
    • Mephistopheles (released on the 4th in JP)
    • Tiamat (released on the 12th in JP)

    Expect Tiamat to come on the 26th at earliest.

    Anyways, that's that. Thanks for reading! This will be what's most likely for future content.

    Right, also, …

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  • Fairingrey

    7★ Rarity Unit Leak

    February 26, 2015 by Fairingrey

    So some people have already asked about this screenshot that was taken while the JP server was going under maintenance, and they're curious as to if this is real or not?

    It's as real as the game is, y'no. Taken straight from the cow.

    Yes, and before you ask, here is the oh so great mini translation.

    今週のガチャ → This week's gacha/summon!

    ついに 7★ 追加 → At last! 7★ rarity addition!

    Just as a final comment, this will probably not be limited to just her.

    Also, if someone really did "photoshop" this, then they did a really fucking good job of copying their exact typeset and graphic design, in addition to their nifty kanji and kana selection. Sadly, some people are just naive enough to, well, not check the JP server themselves because they may not know how t…

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  • Fairingrey

    Two weeks of waifu appreciation, and then...

    I think people read these things. I'm going to go with the belief that I'm actually spending my time doing something useful here.

    Anyways, hi reader. It's been a while since I've actually written anything. I've been kind of busy as of late, since college has started up for me again, and I'm taking some pretty... pretty difficult courses. Least I think I am. Onwards!

    Today's blogpost is going to cover a bunch of things... that you may, or may not know. It's a little bit of a mix of future content and discussion, since February 26 seems to be a pretty big prediction to many people considering what's happened in JP Ishtaria. To those that aren't up to speed with everything or don't have access to JP I…

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  • Fairingrey

    This is something I've e-mailed to

    This is a complaint that regards Silicon Studio's mobile Action Battle RPG Age of Ishtaria.

    This may be a little off from the category I'm filing my inquiry under but I have some huge complaints about the Mammon Raid Boss event.

    Before I start, I want to mention that I really like Age of Ishtaria - I'm an admin at a fanmade wiki of your game at and I also think of myself as a very hardworking player, trying to promote the game where there exists not much of a community outside of it.

    However, with more than 8.6 million Union Points as the event draws to a close, I still have not completed Mammon+2. I feel like this is really, really u…

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  • Fairingrey

    Maybe it wouldn't hurt to be a little selfish right now.

    Hello, reader. I'm Fairingrey, or Lyra as you may know me in-game. You can read more about me in my user profile at User:Fairingrey but for the most part I'm just the main admin of the wiki. Well, at least now I am. I guess I just do most of the legwork. I'm also the leader of Scrubs, the union, and I will discuss them also.

    Anyways, this blog post isn't quite about anything regarding the wiki, game strategies, or anything like that, but just to serve as a reminder to the community how important it is to keep calm in the face of tough adversity. As of the past 2 or 3 weeks I've been feeling very iffy about what I've been doing with my time, and although at many times I do have second d…

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  • Coax75ohm

    Here's a video on how to do "Fly Me To The Moon" and "Down to Earth" on the same enemy using Chimera, Mikael, and assists. You can use any Pound unit (don't tell Fairingrey), but not sure if this is possible without Chimera's support skill.

    Moves: Assist Pound -> Chimera -> Assist Slice -> Assist Flurry -> Chimera x6 -> Mikael

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  • Fairingrey

    New Wiki Features!

    January 5, 2015 by Fairingrey

    Happy New Year's, guys. It's been a while since I've wrote a blog, and I promised to talk about the new features of the wiki so here we are.

    • Unit List. Were you ever curious about how some units stack up to others? Well, now you can find out! Credits to User:Coax75ohm for being awesome and helping out with this feature, it's finally here, and it's really helpful. Comes with sorting and filtering, the usual jazz. If you're having trouble with it, do visit Coax.
    • Union List. Ah fine, it's been here for a while now, not like that's anything new. But if you haven't visited it, feel free to check it out. It's something I may do some extra rework on.
    • Revamped Quest List and Trial List. Ok, so I do understand it looks a little bit cluttered and compl…

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  • Fairingrey

    Happy Holidays

    December 25, 2014 by Fairingrey

    Just wanted to wish all you readers out there a fabulous Christmas Eve and Christmas tomorrow... even if your Christmas Eve and/or Christmas is over or almost over.

    Some things to just mention regarding the wiki, there will be more content as soon as I get home since I'm at Las Vegas for Christmas. Heading home on the 26th at noon, PST since I'm from California.

    By then, at least when I'm home, there'll be more blog posts concerning things like the new features of the wiki, what's cool to know, gameplay tips, stuff like that. I want to write these up soon because I know this wiki isn't so up to speed. I'm going to be drafting a few lengthy posts about them, so maybe it might be time you get prepared for... my arduous commentary.

    Again, happy …

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  • Coax75ohm

    For future reference in case I disappear or something like that, the source code for the unit list bot is now available on github. It's written in Perl and uses a modified version of the MediaWiki::Bot module. Wikia has their own "special" version of MediaWiki that uses an ancient version of the API, so there was some cursing and hair pulling involved in getting the bot to run.

    Still need to find hosting for the bot so it will run periodically without me having to mess with it. Looks like the good free shells require hanging out on IRC until people vouch for you in order to get an account. So guess I'll have start lurking freenode again.

    Also thinking about adding some sort of skill categorization to this, since it's already grabbing every u…

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  • Coax75ohm

    Break Bonus Table

    December 10, 2014 by Coax75ohm

    Just a quick lookup table to see how many gems have been used so far. Left out the small gems 'cause the table was too long.

    ATK HP L-M-S
    +200 +600 0-0-20
    +215 +645 0-1-20
    +230 +690 0-2-20
    +245 +735 0-3-20
    +260 +780 0-4-20
    +275 +825 0-5-20
    +290 +870 0-6-20
    +305 +915 0-7-20
    +320 +960 0-8-20
    +335 +1005 0-9-20
    +350 +1050 0-10-20
    +375 +1125 1-10-20
    +400 +1200 2-10-20
    +425 +1275 3-10-20
    +450 +1350 4-10-20
    +475 +1425 5-10-20
    +500 +1500 6-10-20 Read more >
  • Fairingrey

    Hello, readers, and welcome to the Age of Ishtaria wiki! This is the first blog I'm going to be posting here but there will be others concerning different topics; this one covers mostly things about the wiki itself.

    Going to start off by introducing myself: I'm Fairingrey. If you're from Valkyrie Crusade, you probably know me as "May★", "Spica.", "Lyr.", or simply my user handle on the wikia community as Fairingrey. I'm a college student in the US that's majoring in the Comp Sci field with a certain potential focus on game development, although it's subject to change. I'm also learning a bit of web development and networking on the way there.

    If you're ever interested in learning more about who I am, reader, you're always welcome to go ahead…

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