Event Battle TimesEdit

From 11/06's Battle II (from 5:00AM to 8:00AM PST/PDT) To 11/13's Battle VIII (from 10:00PM to 12:00AM PST/PDT)

Overview 1Edit

You can get Crimson Medals from participating in Battles during the event. Depending on how many Crimson Medals you get, you can receive rewards from overall ranking at the end of the event. These rank rewards will be sent during maintenance after the event has finished.

Overview 2Edit

Fire attacks deal 50% extra damage.

  • Only during battles.
  • Only during the event.

Quest bosses have a chance of dropping Mini BP Potions during the event. (Only the bosses of quest names ending with '-4')

Overview 3Edit

1.5X the Crimson Medals during the last half of the event! 2X the Crimson Medals during the final stretch!

  • 1.5X the Crimson Medals will be awarded from 11/10's Battle IV.
  • 2X the Crimson Medals will be awarded from 11/12's Battle VI. (This only applies to the designated Battle Ranking Rewards.)


  • Event content and availability may be subject to change without notice.
  • Crimson Medal will be awarded as ranking rewards from designated Battles. Be sure to check the Battle's results to receive your Crimson Medals. You cannot receive your Crimson Medals if you don't check the Battle's results!
  • Rankings make take some time to update and reflect, sometimes resulting in differences between Rankings right before and right after the Event finishes.
  • Using any bugs/tools/hacks to gain an advantage will result in a Permanent Ban.