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There are several items used frequently throughout the game. They enhance or supplement a player's gameplay experience.

Items belong to the following categories:

  • Potions
  • Spirit Gems
  • Summons
  • Event
  • Other


The items stored in here are potions that can restore AP and BP.

Mini-AP-Potion AP-Potion Mini-BP-Potion BP-Potion
Mini AP Potion:
Restores 1 AP
AP Potion:
Restores 5 AP
Mini BP Potion:
Restores 1 BP
BP Potion:
Restores 5 BP

Spirit Gems

Spirit Gems are used in limit breaking a unit past it's original max stats. Spirit Gems are split into various sizes of ATK and DEF types. ATK spirit gems boosts a units ATK stat while DEF spirit gems boosts a unit's HP stat.

ATK gems DEF gems
S-Spirit-Gem-(ATK) M-Spirit-Gem-(ATK) L-Spirit-Gem-(ATK) S-Spirit-Gem-(DEF) M-Spirit-Gem-(DEF) L-Spirit-Gem-(DEF)
S Spirit Gem M Spirit Gem L Spirit Gem S Spirit Gem M Spirit Gem L Spirit Gem

Small and Medium spirit gems are obtained by ranking in Battle. All size gems can be personal rewards from various events.


Summon tickets are used to draw new units from Card Packs in the Packs page. Ticket packs are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and premium. Each pack comes with a selection of units that will be drawn at random. For more details about the units offered, please look at the packs' respective details.

Summon Tickets are rewarded for ranking in Battle, earning Union Pts during Raid Season, and doing Quests. Premium ticket packs require special event tickets obtained from personal event rewards or from drawing limited crown packs.


Items pertaining to events will be placed here.


Items used during Quests are listed here.

These items can be gathered from participating and ranking in Battle and completing Quests.