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Nightmare Rift

Challenge Overseers and Clear Quests for Rewards!

The Nightmare Rift is a feature that was added in the January 28th, 2015 maintenance.

Within the Nightmare Rift are special quests that when cleared, will reward Overseers' Spirits and Runes. Collect Overseers' Spirits to obtain special units and Runes to exchange for additional rewards!

More Spirits and Runes will drop from more difficult quests in the Nightmare Rift.

The Nightmare Rift feature may be subject to change without notice.

Collect Spirits

Each Overseer has their own unique Spirit. Any spirit you collect for a given Overseer will remain between quests, allowing you to pick up where you left off.

Once you have earned enough spirits of a particular unit you will earn the corresponding unit. The amount of spirits required depends on the rarity of the unit:

1st 2nd 3rd

You can challenge an Overseer even after you've received their 3 unlockable Units.


Purifying the Nightmare Rift bumps up the rate at which you obtain Spirits. By purifying, you can obtain 1.5× the Spirits for 30 minutes.

You can purify without using Sacred Stones once per day. This purify resets everyday at 5:00 AM PST/PDT. After you spend your free purify, subsequent purifies will cost 10,000 Sacred Stones.

After purification, Spirit bonuses will be shown in the Quest results screen.

Appearance Times

Any number of Overseers may appear from the following times:

  • 7:00 AM to 10:10 AM PST/PDT
  • 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM PST/PDT
  • 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM PST/PDT

* Overseers can also appear at other undetermined times in addition to the normal times.


Runes of Victory and Runes of Wealth are earned by clearing quests in the Nightmare Rift. They can be exchanged for various rewards.

You can exchange the Runes you collect in the Nightmare Rift by hitting the Exchange Runes button.

Rune Exchange

The exchange features many commodities such as battle items, Spirit Gems, and extra unit storage. Daily exchange limits refresh at 05:00 AM PDT/PST.

Items available for Rune Exchange may be subject to change without notice.

Name Exchange Limit Rune of Victory Rune of Victory Rune of Wealth Rune of Wealth
AP-Potion AP Potion 1 daily 10 10
BP-Potion BP Potion 1 daily 10 10
Mini-AP-Potion Mini AP Potion ×7 1 daily 10 10
Mini-BP-Potion Mini BP Potion ×7 1 daily 10 10
Silver-Summon-Ticket Silver Summon ×5 Unlimited 0 20
Gold-Summon-Ticket Gold Summon Unlimited 70 0
Great-Potion Great Potion ×5 Unlimited 10 0
Angel-Feather Angel Feather ×5 Unlimited 0 10
S-Spirit-Gem-(ATK) S Spirit Gem [ATK] ×5 Unlimited 5 0
M-Spirit-Gem-(ATK) M Spirit Gem [ATK] ×2 Unlimited 10 0
L-Spirit-Gem-(ATK) L Spirit Gem [ATK] Unlimited 20 20
S-Spirit-Gem-(DEF) S Spirit Gem [DEF] ×5 Unlimited 5 0
M-Spirit-Gem-(DEF) M Spirit Gem [DEF] ×2 Unlimited 10 0
L-Spirit-Gem-(DEF) L Spirit Gem [DEF] Unlimited 20 20
Crowns Ishtarian Crowns ×100 5 30 30
Crowns Ishtarian Crowns ×100 5 50 50
Extra Cache Extra Cache 1 100 0
Extra Cache Extra Cache 1 0 100
Ardarel 2 300 300
Eric 2 300 300
Richard 2 300 300
Meliae 2 300 300

Overseers Past and Present

Past Overseers (retired April 21, 2016)

Present Overseers

Added Quest Spirit Reward
April 22, 20166★ Aradel, Fire From AboveNR Ardarel Reward
April 22, 20167★ Asura, Divine DestructionNR Asura Reward
June 2, 20166★ Eric, BloodaxeNR Eric Reward
June 2, 20167★ Athos, Count de la FereNR Athos Reward
June 23, 20166★ Richard, Coeur de LionNR Richard Reward
June 23, 20167★ Morrigan, Phantom QueenNR Morrigan Reward
August 4, 20166★ Meliae, From the Ash TreesNR Meliae Reward
August 4, 20167★ Zaqqum, Cursed TreeNR Zaqqum Reward