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Taken from the game's help section.

Card Packs

Card Packs come in the following varieties.


You can obtain these packs by using Bronze or Silver Summons.

The cards available in Normal summon can be seen at:


Obtainable via spending Ishtarian Crowns.

Premium packs offer both a higher chance to draw stronger units, as well as legendary units that cannot be found in Normal card packs.

The units available for a limited time can be seen at Category:Limited Packs.

Platinum Packs or Step Up Packs will usually if not always have the same set of units available as in Gold Packs, save for a higher chance of obtaining rare units.


* Additional packs may be available depending on any ongoing events!

* Characters appearing on in-game banners or announcements are NOT guaranteed to appear within a given pack. Check 'Details' for more information regarding a Pack.