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Taken from the game's help section.

Sacred Stones

When clearing quests, you may be rewarded with Sacred Stones.

Sacred Stones, when used, will Purify a given area on the map of Storm - giving you access to that area's Auras. Areas on the map are divided into multiple sections. As you move between sections, you will need to Purify that section to receive any bonuses from Auras found within.


  • The different levels of an Aura.

Purifying can grant access to Auras. There are 5 auras each with their own effects.

  • Attack Aura - Units get bonuses to their Attack. (10% per level)
  • Life Aura - Units get bonuses to their HP. (10% per level)
  • Prep Aura - Units can bring more items into quests.
    • Lv. 1 - 5 Potions, 3 Hi-Potions, 2 Great Potions, 1 Angel Feather
    • Lv. 2 - 7 Potions, 5 Hi-Potions, 4 Great Potions, 2 Angel Feathers
    • Lv. 3 - 10 Potions, 7 Hi-Potions, 6 Great Potions, 3 Angel Feathers
    • Lv. MAX - 20 Potions, 12 Hi-Potions, 8 Great Potions, 4 Angel Feathers
  • Skill Aura - Units Skills have a higher chance to activate. (10% per level)
  • Brave Aura - Players gain access to Bonus Quests for one hour.

Each aura has its own level. The higher the level, the greater the effect.

Once you have raised an aura's level, it will not decrease. You can also activate the Brave Aura multiple times to gain repeat access to Bonus Quests.

Auras will not provide bonuses to quest assists.

Bonus Quests

Bonus Quests are special quests that you can unlock by purifying an area and activating its Brave Aura.

They are more difficult than your standard quests, but also contain exclusive content that cannot be anywhere else!

Sharpen your blades and happy hunting!

* Bonus quests have a high chance of dropping

NOTE: The first time you clear a Bonus Quest, there is an Ishtarian Crown reward, just like normal quests. Grimoires.


  • As an area gets purified more, storm becomes less present. This is reflected in the Map's banner.
  • Achieving Lv. MAX for every aura in a quest area (not including Brave Aura) completes a challenge. Most of these challenges award Ishtarian Crowns.