• Hi all! Renegade Espada is a fairly new union that started up on May 14, 2015. Currently have 15/20 members who are all VERY active. Reached level 5 in less than 3 days and currently defeated 105 raid bosses. All of our members are fairly new to the game, but very active and helpful with each other in terms of trades and needs of cards. Of our 15 members, we have the following in terms of union points at the moment:

    (1) - 350K+ points

    (2) - 250K+ points

    (1) - 100K+ points

    (2) - 50K+ points

    (2) - 40K+ points

    (2) - 25K+ points

    (3) - 10K+ points

    (2) - 5K+ points

    No level restriction, but higher levels are a plus. No LINE ID required. Only major requirement is to be somewhat highly active and participate in raid boss battles as much as possible! 

    We're looking to fill up our last remaining 5 spots. If interested, search us up or look up igns "Blank" or "Axxell" (without quotation marks). FYI - If you join and become inactive for some time without letting us go, we may have to let you go (but we're very understanding :D )


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    • Or if interested, leave your IGN here and we'll search you up, thanks!

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    • Update on our Union - 21-MAY-2015

      - Currently have 18/20 players, most very active.

      - officially reached rank 7 (200 raid bosses defeated) 2 days ago on 19-MAY-2015. Reached this rank in about 5 days.

      - About to hit rank 8 (30 bosses left to defeat)

      - At the end of Ares Raid Boss, rank points tallied ranged from 876,000 to 15,000

      - Still looking for people who are somewhat fairly active and will pull their weight in raid battles, especially in upcoming UvU wars next week. Will kick if points are low compared to the rest of the union members and haven't logged in without explanation for a good amount of time (about 5 days).

      Please drop a comment with your IGN if interested!

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    • hi, i'm only level 5 because i started today but i love tcgs like this and am always very active on the ones i play, can i join you guys? ^^ ign: Peruru

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    • Hey, I'm interested in joining, but your union wasn't showing up in the search list for some reason. I just started this month, but I've been progressing very quickly.

      IGN: Vitap

      Lvl 42

      Currently at 135K union points for the House of the Unholy event.

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    • Hey I saw one of your posts on the sub redit for Ishtaria too! My friend and I are both looking for a more active union for the upcoming war. He's 90+ and I'm 60+, both have multiple six stars and more then led our clan in the last union war. If you've still got space you can leave me a comment in game or send me an invite. My IGN is Schim with metatron as a leader and my bud's name is Soho. If you can't find me in game feel free to comment back here!

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    • Hi there, if you're still recruiting for UvU I'm a very active player whos looking for a likeminded group of individuals to play with.

      Currently level 85, so probably not a frontline contender but as support I can ensure attendance to minimum 3/4 battles a day, and 4/4 on most. 

      Fanomaly on LINE, Kik & IGN if you need to contact me for further details.


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    • Hiya, I'm level 76, IGN is my username here :)

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    • Hello, may I ask if you still have two spots open for recruiting?

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    • What's your IGN?

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    • My IGN is Tori Miu, and my sister's is Elone in the same Union I'm currently in

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    • Can you two check your in game wall?

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    • A FANDOM user
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