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Trials of the Ages


Trails of the Ages also known as "The Sands of Time." The Rules and Important! sections below are copied directly from the game.


The Sands of Time are realms of intense difficulty. Delve deep into each realm and test your might!

Clearing each realm (10 Battles, 20 Battles, 30 Battles) will reward you with a Unit (first clear only).

Unit Assists will be refreshed every 10 Battles in the Sands of Time.


The Sands of Time will not grant Exp, Gimmel, Drops, Loyalty, etc. when you clear them.

Your reward progress will be updated every 10 consecutive stage clears. If you close the app, or retire / fail a stage within the Trials, you will only receive the rewards up until where you stopped.

When you receive your rewards for clearing 10 stages, any items you have used up until that point will be consumed. Items used inbetween progress updates will not be consumed.

Units from the Sands of Time may not be traded in the Bazaar.

List of Trials

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