This page is for listing your union. Players can add their union here or search for an existing one on this list.

This page will serve as a directory for existing unions and information persisting to them. It is not necessarily a recruitment page, although unions with their own union page are welcome to use the comments section of their own page if they wish.

If you are recruiting for your union or looking for an active union to join, consider making a post or taking a look at the Union Recruitment board.

If there are no remaining entry spaces for your Union, then add an extra row to the table by:

  • Right-clicking any entry in the row.
  • Going to Row → Insert Row After.
  • Entering the information for your Union in the new row.

Rules and GuidelinesEdit

Please comply with the following rules and guidelines.

  • Do not write your Union entry in the comments section.
  • Do not create duplicates of your entry.
  • Do not edit or delete other people's entries.
  • Do not change the page formatting.
  • Do not write extremely long descriptions.


  • Keep your entry clean and tidy! It offers a better impression to others.
  • Describe your purpose, stance, or play style as clearly as possible.
  • Be honest. Kindness goes a long way.
  • If you would like a page on the wiki for your union for more information, use the Unionpage template.
    • This can be done using the visual editor by going to "Add other templates", searching for the template "Unionpage", and entering in your Union name.
    • You can also use the source editor: {{Unionpage|<name>}}
      • Please be careful when in the source editor as you may damage the formatting of this page.
    • Your Union's page will be located at Union_List/Your_Union_Name on the wiki. You can further edit your page for more information there.
  • If you have a post on the Union Recruitment Board, you can link it through your description.

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