About Edit

Karneval the Oilgarchy ran by a group of friends! As a union we strive to keep in the top 30 of every union war event. We are a very lovey bunch of people and very easy to get along with! 

How To Apply Edit

Applicants must contact Clyde via line "giacintapk" 

Requirements/Rules Edit

  • Minimum lvl requirements - Applicants Must be atleast lvl 70+ to apply *exceptions may be made if we feel you have the potential to be great and are growning at high rate. If you feel you fall into that catagory contact us and we will determine if you are  eligible.*
  • Must have Line for communication purposes
  • Participate in atleast 3/4 Union Battles
  • Be commited to improving constantly and level at a resonable rate
  • Battle Event - During the battle even you are required to lose to your fellow union members if you find them,So they get the extra defense bonus as well as any union we have arranged a truce with prior *a line post will be made beforehand to let you know who to not attack*
  • Raid Bosses - Alot of our members try very hard to keep high in ranking, so we ask that you please do not steal the last hit of any "non wild" raid boss unless the owner of the boss has given permission in line beforehand. We understand mistakes will be made just dont make a habbit of it *all raid bosses are free for all under 5 min*
  • Union vs Union - Applicants must be willing to follow orders and do what is asked of them.Do not complain about not being on the front line and getting points if you are active enough we will make sure u get your personal rewards. During the battle only union leaders are allowed to talk on the ingame chat to keep clutter down and to get orders across cleanly
  • Front Line - If you wish to be frontline you must be atleast lvl 120+ and have a relatively strong quest deck (Preferably 7*) and understand how union wars work
  • Activity - Without activity no union can flourish so we ask that you stay as active as your real life will allow you  that being said 
  • Any member inactive for 2 consecutive events will be kicked (unless prearranged) and you must be active for union wars no exceptions
  • Karneval has 2 line group chats 1) The Social fun chat *not a requirement to join* 2) Serious Battle Chat *required please no spam or stickers*