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Some sections taken from the game's help section.

What are Units?

Units are powerful warriors that you will summon to fight for Ishtaria.

There are multiple ways to acquire new units such as through card packs or via events. Feel free to protect your units by setting them as Favorites. This will protect your card from accidental mishaps that may occur when selling or sacrificing units.

Unit Levels

Your unit's level represents how far they've come in terms of strength.

You can give a unit the EXP necessary to level up via the Enhance feature. Units will enjoy stat increases as their levels rise.

Unit Info

  • Rarity - The rarity of a unit. Can range from 1★ to 7★.
  • Cost - How much cost a unit takes up in your Raid/Battle Team.
  • Loyalty - Determines if you are allowed to limit break a unit. Also increases the chances of skills awakening in Quests.
  • ATK - Determines the unit's attack damage.
  • HP - The unit's HP.
  • Type - The attack type of the unit. See Quests for more information.
  • Element - The element of the unit.
  • illust. - The unit's illustrator.
  • CV. - The unit's character voice.

Skills & Abilities

Main page: Quests#Skills

Skills have various properties to them. Some are active (Rush-icon · Multi-icon · Support-icon) and others are passive (Passive-icon), with various effects.

Some units have skills that are stronger than other skills; this can be referenced by their skill prefix. The following prefixes are listed here from strongest to weakest.


Rush-icon Multi-icon Support-icon *
Pound icon Pound
Slice icon Slice
Flurry icon Flurry

* Some support skills have various uses and cannot be rated on the same scale.


Like actives, passive skills may also be rated from strongest to weakest. However, there are numerous passive skills; too many to be listed in a table. Thus, the rule of thumb is as follows, from strongest to weakest:

  • Immensely → Massively → Greatly → (none) → Slightly

For example:

The full list can be found here.


Main page: Quests#Abilities

Unit List

Main page: Unit List